About us

nargesian is a leading manufacturing and suppling company in the field of Dried Fruits: Dried apples, dried pears, dried bananas, dried mangoes, dried bananas, pineapples, dried oranges, dried tangerines, dried kiwis, dried figs, herbal teas, date berries, berries, nuts, nuts and pistachios.
. We are honor to export our products to 30 countries around the world and recently through the established factory and offices in different countries( such as; Australia, China, Turkey, Dubai) we are looking to provide and support our clients better and more than before.

nargesian group has been committed to the following goals:

products, While offering completely natural and healthy.
Establishing a long-term business relationship with our clients by providing them with high quality and hygiene product. We will stand by your side to create a Win-Win business relation.

Our mission:

Introducing the real and unique taste of dried fruits and nuts through implementing quality assurance systems and creating hygienic environments for manufacturing healthy and high-quality products.